Week 30

Weight: hitting over 75kgs sometimes
number of presents from friends/family: 2

Oh bloody h*ll!! WordPress has lost my updates once again at the end!!!!! Far out!!!

So I’m writing this blog about 2 weeks after I should be so I’m sorry if it’s a little vague and short but I’ve just been so busy over the last week or so that I just haven’t gotten back to blog writing. With work, the baby, being so tired after dinner…just finding it harder to concentrate and focus on things at home now.

But I received a huge box from amazon so much so that the security guard suggested I needed Andrew to come and pick it up. And it wasn’t from Amazon UK so I hadnt bought it but from Amazon Spain. Interesting. Then it clicked – by brother Alf had gotten something delivered from Amazon for me and then it clicked again – it was actually from my parents who wanted to give us a gift to say thank you to me and Andrew for having them here and letting them stay and guiding them around while they were here.

And it was this: the I-robot vacuum cleaner robot. Here’s a review…
the irobot 600 series
And of course, me with the new gift!

20121118-211941.jpgMe and the i-robot

And you may think this is g33ky or yes, part of my geek heritage but I was quite amazed at how it worked. So it’s a robotic vacuum cleaner – you pretty much just need to charge it up and then press the go button and off it goes! My parents got us one after seeing the one my brother has and the fact that when you’ve got kids, house cleaning gets left by the way side. So this cleaner moves around itself without any help from me and you can get it to focus on a room if you just close off the doors. Not sure what it’s like on carpet but it certainly works on hardwood and tiled floors. Not so great on the corners but a great little machine for just picking up the day to day dust/hair/dirt.

And I what was I amazed about? How it actually travelled around the apartment! How did it know where to go and what ground it had already covered?? So the algorithm that it had didn’t seem to be *exact* but it does seem to make its way around eventually and yes, it does cover the same floor a few times. But it can go underneath cupboards and the bed which is very convenient for me so I don’t need to bend down to vacuum there anymore! And it’s the first domestic appliance that I’ve seen come with its own EULA and the ability to program it yourself!!

I’ll post a YouTube of it when I get reconnected to wifi.

So thanks mum and dad for such an entertaining yet useful present!! It’s great for the bathroom and rooms you can close off.

Hmm I’ve realised I’ve just written a whole blog about my new robotic vacuum cleaner :P

Oh and I met a ex-colleague, Nuraan, from work in the attempt to entice her to come back to work for us but alas, it was a no but I did get the cutest present from her!!


Oh and this week, I had my Nursery Advice Session with John Lewis (big department store here) and I think I had quite low expectations anyway, which is probably a good thing. So this is pretty much like a wedding registry except it’s for your baby. The only benefit I can see going through this is that you can get free delivery and all on one day. And you can show your list to anyone to determine what you do and don’t need for your baby. And some advice I got from a new father – just buy what’s on your list from John Lewis because they have no time limit on when you need to return things by. Which is good. Just make sure you dont use them first. Imagine using your nappie disposal bin and then thinking of exchanging it. Ewwwwwww!!

So I went there and was met (as usual) by 2 ladies who wouldn’t pay any attention to me and were wrapped up in conversation about time they were knocking off and one of them finally noticed me and said that she’ll be looking after me. She didn’t really explain a lot and was quite blunt and you could tell she just wanted out of there. But thank goodness I had done my research on the pram cause I couldn’t imagine standing on my feet whilst waiting for her to demo all of them to me without really providing advice but more just showin how they worked.

She showed me car seats which apparently I HAVE to have otherwise the hospital won’t let me take my baby out of the hospital (which Andrew says is a good thing cause then we could just leave little Roly under the care of the nurses :P)

She didn’t really show me the baby changing bags but pretty much just pointed and said, pick one. So I think i picked one that had a change mat included and had lots of compartments. She was pretty useless cause there were like 20 different bags there and a price diff of £45 – £200 (I think the expensive ones were made of leather!!!) for which I didn’t know the difference between!

She showed me all of the baby feeding stuff – bottles, teats, breastfeeding bits, sterilizers – and for the whole time we were looking at these, she complained that there was no stock on the shelves and that people had stocked the shelves in the wrong place and how was she supposed to take a person around to show them if it’s all messed up like this!!
So big question – do I REALLY need to spend £100 on an electric breast pump? :P

Another question – do I REALLY need to get a manicure set for my baby??? Andrew says he’ll bit little Roly’s nails. :) only thing possibly useful in that set is possibly the digital thermometer?? I mean, do I really need to get Roly a comb and a brush?? I’ve got one at home already! :P


But (and guys, you probably don’t need to read this) I have been told I definitely need the breast protectors and nipple cream. Hmmmm

Anyway, after about 2 hrs, we finally got to the play gym and the change tables and I could tell she was getting more and more annoyed/tired cause she almost just started pointing at items and saying – “pick one” lol

(I think I might just pick a change table Ikea but I do have gift vouchers to use at John Lewis…)

But after all that, I did get 2 x coffee and cake (cause Andrew didn’t come) and after that I had my list ready to go.

If you’re interested in giving an opinion about what I should and shouldn’t be getting, take a look at:
And go to the far right link that says “Buy an Item”.
Then enter in the Nursery List Number of 531093.

There’s a lot on there but I think I actually do need it some time or another!!

Anyway…falling asleep and hopefully WordPress doesn’t decide to lost my changes again!!!

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